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Author Topic: CLUB ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 2018  (Read 1203 times)

Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« on: August 21, 2018, 09:14:56 PM »
 The 2018 annual general meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 October in the Cricket social club 7.0pm for 7.15 pm start.
If anyone has a proposal to put before the meeting please submit it in writing to the Club Secretary Ernie lazenby before 20th September.
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Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2018, 08:17:31 PM »
 Located in the clubhouse is a list for nominating people for the club committee. Nominations to be submitted before 23rd September.

 The current committee is;

 Commodore     - Walter Snowden        standing again if nominated and seconded
 Chairman        - Chris Barnbrook                           ..                      ..
 Secretary       -  Ernie Lazenby                              ..                      ..
 Treasurer       -  Dave Moss                                   ..                      ..
 Safety Officer -  Ernie Lazenby                                ..                       ..
 Comp Sec.     -  Dave Nell                                     ..                       ..
other committee members 
                         Les Toulmin                                  ..                      ..
                         Ken Smailes                                  ..                        ..
                        Geoff Fish                                      ..                       ..
                        John Gavey       note:          Not standing for re- election.

In the event of more than 1 person being nominated and seconded for a position a vote of members will take place at the AGM; all those nominated will be subject to a vote by the members at the meeting notwithstanding they may be the only nominee.
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Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2018, 07:22:26 PM »
  The club committee will be meeting on Sunday morning at 11.30am, The agenda will include the forthcoming Annual General meeting.
I will ensure that the agenda for the AGM together with the list of proposals submitted is posted on this web site and in the clubhouse asap.(probably Monday)



Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2018, 06:22:31 PM »
                         Darlington and District Model Boat Club
                              2018 Annual general meeting
                               TUESDAY 23rd October 2018

                       Middleton St George Cricket & social club                           
                               7.0pm for 7.15 start               

                      1. apologies for absence
                      2.Minutes of the previous meeting
                      3.matters arising
                      4. Secretary’s report
                      5. Treasurers report
                      6. Safety officers report
                     7.Competition secretary’s report
                     8. Proposals- constitutional changes (see separate sheet)
                     9. Other proposals.  (see separate sheet)
                     10. Club opening hours-sailing sessions-reggata day
                     11. Presentation of prizes
                     12. Election of officers.
                     13  Any other business.
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Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2018, 06:24:05 PM »
Proposals for the AGM        -   Submitted by E J Lazenby
Constitutional changes
(1) The constitution be changed removing the provision for the appointment of honorary and associate members.
(2) The relevant part of the constitution relating to the format of the committee be amended to;
      The following shall be appointed to form the clubs committee. A member may hold more than one position but will only have 1 vote at a meeting.
Commodore- To be the figure head of the club responsible for public relations and to advise on matters as and when required. Responsible for arranging the club annual regatta and for preparing a programme. The holder to have been a member of the club for a minimum of 10 years. This will be a non-elected position with full voting rights and held until such times as the holder stands down, or is asked to stand down by the Club committee or is removed from the position by a majority vote of the club membership at an AGM or EGM.

Chairman. An elected position with full voting rights and has the casting vote in the event of a split decision. To Chair all meetings. Has the authority to issue a directive or words of advice to any club member on behalf of the clubs committee.

Secretary.  To deal with all the club correspondence. Take minutes of meetings and prepare agendas. To maintain all the club records and files. To ensure the club complies with relevant legislation for the storage of data held by the club. To ensure all the club contractual obligations are met and on time. To attend any Parish Council meetings when the need arises. To be the link between the club and the Parish Council.
To keep an overview of club activities and to make sure the Chairman and Treasurer are kept informed of matters arising. Required to keep a record of any property owned by the club, and to keep a record of keyholders for the club house.

Treasurer. Responsible for maintaining the club accounts. Ensures all correctly presented accounts are paid on time. Responsible for preparing a yearly balance sheet for the information of the membership at an AGM and to keep the committee members up to date at each committee meeting. To advise on the level of income needed to meet all projected outgoings and to suggest the annual membership fee for the following year. Accounts prepared by the treasurer for presenting at an AGM must be audited by someone appointed at the preceding AGM but must not be an elected committee member.

Safety Officer
Responsible for all matters concerning safety regarding the use of the club water and the clubhouse leased from the Parish council. Will do an annual safety review and when required a risk assessment for events such as an annual regatta. Required to prepare a written annual safety report and arrange for a copy to be passed to the Clerk of the Parish Council.  Has overall responsibility for management of the club water and the area surrounding it as specified in a lease agreed with the Parish Council. Will ensure that the club committee members are kept up to date with work undertaken to keep the club water usable and clubhouse interior maintained in a risk free condition. Has responsibility for making sure batteries used at the club in members models are safe for use. Has responsibility for making sure that steam boat boilers are tested by a suitably qualified person and that such boilers comply with the conditions specified by the club insurers. In all matters concerning safety has absolute authority but is answerable to the committee for any action taken.

Events co Ordinator
Responsible for arranging all the annual competitions paying due regard to the rules relating to those events in force at that time. The holder of the position has the authority to make such determinations as are needed to ensure all events are run fairly and smoothly. Any decisions taken are to be considered final.

Other members.  The members at an AGM may elect up to four other members, to achieve a maximum of 9 committee members, to serve on the committee with voting rights.

An auditor(s) responsible for examining the club accounts will be appointed at the club AGM. This is a non-committee position.
Other proposals     submitted by E J Lazenby
(i) The current practice of awarding ‘keeper’ trophies for 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the annual competitions be discontinued. The club’s annual trophies for 1st place to be awarded and returned each year.   
 (ii) The current practice, agreed by the clubs committee, whereby the Club Commodore judges the on-water appearance of models for the annual trophies awarded for the best scratch built and kit class boats be formally approved by the members.
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Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #5 on: September 24, 2018, 09:06:36 AM »
Explanation re the proposals. Submitted to give the members an opportunity to review current practices and to clarify some grey areas.

Re Honorary and associate members.

Currently we have 12 people who are either honorary or associate members of the club. They pay no fees. In the past this figure was included in total membership numbers but that created an artificial figure for our total membership. The club committee decided a couple of years ago that only fully paid up members of the club could use the on water facility, sail model boats. The system also resulted in some appointments that, in retrospect, were not really appropriate and caused some disquiet. A simple system of having paid up members is more efficient and reflective of the level of fees now needed to keep the club financially viable.. Currently the club secretary has to keep a separate record of honorary and associate members.(they do not have any voting rights). If the members agree to the proposal no further honorary or associate members can be appointed.

Re trophies.  The cost of obtaining the keeper trophies and engraving for the 2018 season is £203. For a number of years the club had a supply of the domed centres for the trophies however that supply has been exhausted. The cost of obtaining a further supply is significant, over £100 as a one off to obtain a supply for future years. Next year that cost will be added to the cost of obtaining the trophies and engraving. The proposer believes it is correct the current members have an opportunity to discuss the current practice which has been maintained for decades.

Re:  Defined role of the various post holders.(the executive committee)

The club has moved on since its early days and now operates in a society where rules/regulations are a fact of everyday life. The current club constitution does not provide any information as to what a position holder is required to do. Several members of the club and indeed several members of the committee believe its time job descriptions are defined. This will be of benefit to those who are elected at the next AGM but also in the future when the club seeks to find someone to occupy a position; the prospective appointee will know what he/she is being asked to do. Those who have been nominated for the committee at the forthcoming AGM have been consulted as to what has been set out above and agree with it. There has been a question raised as to why the club needs a committee of 9, the enquirer believing only people with a defined role should be on the committee.There has also been some adverse comments about a person holding two positions on the committee, a practice allowable under the constitution. The proposal above gives the members an opportunity to review the current practices. It is hoped affording such an opportunity will bring to a closure a matter that has been lingering on in the background for some time.

Election to the Committee for 2019

The following have been correctly nominated and seconded in accordance with the current constitution.

Commodore -  Walter Snowden
Chair           -  Chris Barnbrook
Secretary     -  Ernie Lazenby
Treasurer     -  Dave Moss
Safety Officer - Ernie Lazenby
Comp Secretary - Dave Nell

Other members nominated and seconded (4 required due to one person holding the Sec and safety officer positions).
Ken Smailes
Geoff Fish
Les ledger
John Bailey

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Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2018, 09:11:03 AM »
A REMINDER-  less than 2 weeks to the AGM

TUESDAY 23rd October 7.0pm.   Middleton St George Cricket and Social Club.

A number of constitutional matters to be discussed and the usual stuff including prize giving. Please turn up and have your say. The agenda etc is on this thread. Also displayed in the club house.
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Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #7 on: October 30, 2018, 11:47:23 AM »
I will prepare and publish the full minutes very soon however for now;

Committee for 2019   Commodore         Walter Snowden
                                Chair                   Chris Barnbrook
                                Secretary            Ernie Lazenby
                                Treasurer            Dave Moss
                                Safety officer       Ernie Lazenby
                                Competition Secretary   Dave Nell
                                Other members. Geoff Fish, John Bailey, Ken Smailes, les ledger

 The members unanimously agreed with the proposal to have defined roles for the five specified positions. In particular the Commodore is now a permanent position but with caveats. (see AGM proposal above)

 It was unanimously agreed the club will no longer have honorary or associate members just full paid up members.

 The members did not support any changes to the current practice of awarding 'keeper trophies' each year.

 Those present unanimously endorsed  the current practice, previously agreed by the committee, whereby the club commodore selects the winners for the best scratch built and kit models from those presented on the water at the clubs annual regatta.

 The  designated time slots for the various classes on competition Wednesdays will be reviewed by the competition secretary.

 A new class will be introduced for regatta day-  a novelty class. Anything that goes on or in the water but must be Radio controlled.
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Ernie Lazenby

  • Guest
« Reply #8 on: November 10, 2018, 12:37:22 PM »
Sorry for the delay, I have not been well for a month but now getting back to normal or what passes for normal for me! Here are the minutes, sorry for delay.

Darlington and District Model Boat Club
                       Minutes of Annual general meeting
                           Tuesday 23rd September 2018
                   Middleton St George Cricket & Social Club 

Attendance: Walter Snowden. Chris Barnbrook. Ernie Lazenby. Dave Moss.
Geoff Fish. Ken Smailes. John Gavey. Mike Craddock. Tom Sanderson. Barrie Spooner. Douglas White. Ian Archibald. Steve Wilson. Alan Mark. Alan Wilson. Malcolm Cavendish. Ric Nesbitt. Roger Barnes. Ian Scrutton. John Bailey, Geoff Sutcliffe. Bob Golder. Paul Furniss. Alan Davies. Brian Southam. Barry Watkins. Les ledger. Mike Gough. Nathaniel Earl. Bruce Brennan. Geoff Earl.

1.Apologies for absence. Eric West. Ian Holmes. Dave nell. Carl Smailes. Don Davies. Les Toulmin.

2. Minutes of previous meeting.
    The minutes had been published on the club web site and displayed in the club room. Copies were distributed at this meeting. It was proposed and seconded that they were a true record.

3. Matters arising.  None.

4. Secretary’s report.
Ernie Lazenby gave a comprehensive report on all matters he had been required to deal with during the year. His report had been published on the club web site and in the club house at least one month prior to the meeting.

5. Treasurers report.
Dave Moss gave a detailed outline of the current club’s finances which are in a healthy state and more than sufficient to fulfil the club’s contractual obligations during the period remaining of the club’s lease with the Parish Council. He also highlighted the number of donations arising from the sale of model equipment donated to raise funds for the club. He distributed copies of the club’s accounts which had been audited by Mr Ian Scrutton and found to be correct.

6.Safety Officers report

Ernie Lazenby informed the meeting he had prepared an annual safety review of the clubhouse and the clubs’ activities. A written report had been sent to the clerk of the Parish Council. He thanked all those who had helped with the difficult job of weeding during the year and emphasised the point that without such volunteers some of the club activities such as yachting could have been restricted. He made the point that the application of the blue dye each year for the previous 4 years had been a major factor in keeping the weed at bay thus reducing the need for excessive physical work.

7. Competition Secretary’s report.
 In the absence of Dave Nell, who was unable to attend the meeting and who had missed the latter half of the season due to ill health, Ernie Lazenby gave a precis of the season. The overriding conclusion was that it had been a very good season enjoyed by all who competed and those whose who had observed the fun!

8. Proposals- constitutional changes.
Details of the prosed changes together with a detailed explanation for them had been circulated via the club web site and displayed in the club house for a month prior to the meeting.
(i) Honorary and associated members.
Ernie Lazenby informed the meeting that the club had an excessive number of members who had been awarded honorary or associate membership of the club and that these members had previously been included in the total membership figure thus giving an inflated figure. They paid no fees nor had had any voting rights and until very recently could use the club facilities and water. The clubs committee had decided three years ago that this was unfair to fully paid up members and a decision was taken that honorary and associate members could not use the club water for sailing during club hours. The club secretary was required by the constitution to maintain a record of these members. Ernie said he understood the motives behind such awards but felt it was time to move on to a system where the club just had fully paid up members. He asked the members to support his proposal.

The proposal to remove the provision for the appointment of honorary and associate members from the club’s constitutional was passed nem con.

Follow up action-The secretary to arrange for the constitution to be amended.

(ii)  The clubs committee.
Ernie Lazenby informed the meeting that the rationale behind his proposal was to make it clear what each member of the designated positions (the exec) of the elected committee was required to do. Currently there was no job description and several of the current committee and indeed several of the club’s members felt this was not acceptable. He said that adverse comment had been circulating for some time from a very small number of club members who believed the current constitutional requirement to have nine members to form a committee was excessive. Those raising the point had also questioned what the non-executive members of the committee actually did. Ernie said he had formulated the proposal after consulting with other committee members and felt it allowed a degree of flexibility whereby the members at an AGM could elect a committee up to a total of nine members. Membership levels fluctuate and under the proposal the total number of those comprising the committee could reflect the membership numbers at any time in the future. Ernie informed the meeting that the proposal to change the name of the competition secretary to events coordinator was not his but had been included at the request of a member who had made it clear he would not be able to attend the AGM because of serious health problems. Ernie made it clear that as the proposer he would accept an amendment removing reference to an events coordinator and revert back to competition secretary.
A proposal was submitted, seconded and unanimously passed removing the words ‘event coordinator’ from the original proposal and ‘inserting Competition secretary’

A brief discussion followed with members expressing support and the amended proposal was passed nem con.

Follow up action-Secretary to amend the club constitution.

9. Other proposals (Non-Constitutional)

(i)  Annual competition trophies.

Ernie Lazenby informed the meeting that there had been a very small number of adverse comments about the cost of providing ‘keeper’ trophies each year and he wanted to give those those present at the meeting and opportunity to express their views. He did not support the proposal but believed it right and proper that the members have an opportunity to review the practice.

A short discussion followed and members made it clear they supported the current practice.  The proposal was not seconded and thus not pursued.

(ii) Club regatta day- Best scratch and kit built model awards.

A proposal that the club commodore judges the on-water appearance of models presented during the club’s annual regatta day and decides who wins the annual awards was passed
nem con.

10. Club Opening hours-sailing sessions.
A lengthy discussion took place without any definitive proposals being submitted or conclusions drawn. It was felt that the club house opening and closing hours were however a matter for an elected committee member present because of the associated responsibilities for the property leased from the council. It was correctly pointed out that members are free to use the water at any time any day of the week if they wish. The committee members who regularly attend Wednesdays and Sundays will try to ensure the club house facilities accommodate the needs of those who turn up.
The members agreed the club annual regatta day needs to continue and be supported.

11. Presentation of prizes. The winners of the various competitions were presented with their prizes. This year the special merit award was presented to club member Ric Nesnitt for his efforts with water management throughout the year and other assistance while not himself deriving any benefit for this work due to not being a user of the water until very recently.

12. Election of Officers
The following were elected uncontested.
Chair.                          Chris Barnbrook
Secretary.                    Ernie Lazenby
Treasurer.                     Dave Moss
Safety Officer.               Ernie Lazenby
Competition secretary. Dave Nell
Other members
Ken Smailes. Geoff Fish. Les ledger. John Bailey

In accordance with the change to the constitution the position of Commodore is no longer an elected one. Walter Snowden remains as Commodore. Serves on the committee with full voting rights.

Auditors (non-committee positions)
Ian Scrutton. Bob Golder. 

13. Any other business 

It was generally felt that the times between the various classes on competition Wednesdays needed to be more flexible to accommodate unexpected occurrences such as recovery of dead boats and lack of wind thus extending yacht racing duration.
Resolved- This to be discussed in committee when Dave Nell returns.

Racing number size and colour of the bottom of racing boats to be reviewed by committee.
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