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Topics - Ernie Lazenby

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Club News and Events / Best wishes
« on: December 09, 2018, 11:36:02 AM »
The clubs committee wish all our members a very merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and successful new year.

Club News and Events / Christmas opening hours
« on: December 06, 2018, 01:10:00 PM »
 Please note. The club will not be open on Boxing day, Wednesday 26th December.

Club News and Events / CLUB FEES ARE DUE
« on: October 30, 2018, 05:25:49 PM »
 Just a reminder that the club fees are now due. Any member who does not re-new membership before 31st December will be removed from the club records. (To comply with new data legislation)

Club News and Events / Safety Officers report 2018
« on: September 25, 2018, 10:14:59 AM »
                                       Darlington and District Model Boat Club
                         2018 Annual Safety Officers report- Ernie Lazenby safety officer
Fire extinguishing equipment examined and found to be in good serviceable condition.
Lipo battery charging bags examined and fully serviceable.
Warning notices about the correct use of lipo batteries displayed in the club house main room and charging bay.
First aid equipment examined and found to be complete and in serviceable condition.
A notice is prominently displayed advising as to the location of the first aid kit.
The club rowing boat is ageing but is in serviceable condition for safe use. Use of the boat is restricted to authorised members.
A very small quantity of petrol is stored for the strimmer and water pump used to maintain the reservoir surrounds and water level.
During club hours a throw in life preserver is located near the jetty.
Lighting and heating equipment located in the club house in good working order.
A notice is displayed in the club house setting out good hygiene practice for consuming food after hands have been in contact with the reservoir water.
Details of the clubs third party public liability insurance are displayed in the clubhouse. All members are covered as are the club officers on a separate ‘club officials’ policy.
Keeping the weed down to acceptable levels has been done through the application of the blue dye authorised previously by the parish council and  manual removal by volunteer members who are supplied with suitable gloves. Those who volunteer do so at their own risk. A risk assessment is carried out before any such work is done.
EJ Lazenby for DDMBC
1st September 2018

Club News and Events / Secretarys report-2018
« on: September 24, 2018, 10:37:25 PM »
                                          Darlington and District Model Boat Club     
                                        Secretary’s report 2018   - Ernie Lazenby
The club has enjoyed a good year despite the winter being prolonged and we enjoyed a good summer for our hobby although for an extended period the yachtsmen were without much of nature’s wind. The long hot summer minus any real rain caused the water level in our reservoir to drop significantly however the weed did not become a significant problem mainly because the Blue dye applied for at least 4 years has caused the weed to weaken. Most of any weed that needed to be dealt with was done so by a small team of volunteers and their contribution must not be overlooked. In particular it has to be said that some of the volunteers were those who do not sail yachts and thus derived no benefit from removal of the weed other than helping the club function.

2018 saw the introduction of new data protection legislation, laws that affect every club no matter how small. I became aware of this legislation in early 2018 and sought to make sure we complied before the implementation date in May. Notices have been displayed in the club house and on the web site setting out what data the club holds and why. In order to comply with the legislation and to cover the committee I drafted up new membership forms that requires prospective members and existing members to sign stating they fully understand what data the club holds, who holds it and why. This process will be completed this year.  This issue was discussed by the clubs committee and agreed that any existing member or prospective member who feels unable to sign the membership form will not be allowed to remain a member or join.

In the past I have attended council meetings whenever an issue was to be discussed that may have some relevance to the club. Unfortunately, the Chairman of the Council resigned from his position along with three other councillors. He was someone with whom I had developed a very good one to one working relationship probably due to us both having a professional background. I felt it best to keep away from the council meetings until they became more organised/settled or an issue arose necessitating my presence. I have however established a very good working relationship with the parish clerk, we get on well and he sees to it that any concerns I have are looked into. There has been no issue during 2018 that had any bearing on the relationship between the parish council and our club; the relationship remains cordial.

I regularly read Council agendas and minutes to see if there are matters that could impact on our club. Such a matter arose in July however following an exchange of e mails with the parish clerk it was apparent that was not so. The new housing development to the south of our reservoir brought into question the structural integrity of all the reservoirs and this is being looked into by the council who have commissioned the services of a structural engineer who will advise what work the housing developers will need to do to prevent any problems at the water park.

It’s the committee’s job to ensure that our club does nothing to cause anyone to question our tenancy and use of the facility. The committee has been required to deal with a small matter that had potential to cause the club a problem. Advice was given and the matter concluded.
I have dealt with any correspondence that arose during the year and in particular made certain that our insurance policy premiums were paid on time something that got overlooked for a month last year. I have worked closely with our treasurer to make sure all our bills have been paid on time.

The club held a regatta in August. This was a good day out despite the early morning weather doing its best to put us of. The number of members attending was a bit low no doubt affected by the weather forecast.
The club constitution needed to be produced in a format acceptable to the club bankers. I have done that.
The club safety officer has completed the annual review of club safety and the report is displayed in the clubhouse and on the website. A copy has been forwarded to the parish council.
The competition secretary suffered a serious illness and was unable to complete the latter half of the season. His duties were filled by Ernie Lazenby and Walter Snowden. 
Finally, I have enjoyed the last year as club secretary and hope I have contributed to it running efficiently without too much bureaucracy something that cannot be avoided in the 21st century.

Club News and Events / news item!!!
« on: September 19, 2018, 02:30:12 PM »
 The high winds and resulting water conditions resulted in todays racing (19th) being cancelled. Next Wednesday 26th will be the last race day of the season.

 Following consultation with our Competition sec it has been agreed that the current practice of taking the best 10 scores from 14 will be amended to 10 from 13 in respect of all classes other than the footy racing which is being reviewed. Should next weeks racing be also cancelled the situation will be further reviewed for all classes.

Sorry folks, the weather gods got the better of us.

Club News and Events / The climax!
« on: August 29, 2018, 10:05:28 PM »
Three  rounds left of the seasons racing. The climax is approaching!
 Dave Moss has wrapped up the air boat racing pretty much dominating it all season. Much the faster boat. Bruce brennan ought to finish 2nd with third place still to play for.

Ian Holmes has wrapped up the two yacht racing classes with a dominant display in the open class; the restricted class was a much harder fight between Ian and Geoff Sutcliffe however Ian  won the 11th round race and that was that as they say. Geoff Sutcliffe has wrapped up runners up position as he has in the open class but 3rd place is still to play for.

Once again Ian and Geoff have proven to be the class acts this year a repeat of last years dominant display by both skippers.

The scale racing is still wide open with any one of three skippers in with a chance of taking the title; no one skipper has dominated this year. Watch this space!
 The one whose nerve holds out the longest will win this class.
 (Geoff please note it wont be a pet monkey  :) ;D ;))

The footy racing is getting interesting with Geoff Sutcliffe in a tight battle with John Bailey for the top prize. Geoff may have to find something to replace the trophy he has had at home for more years than anyone can remember.

The steering competition has come down to a head to head between Ernie, winner for the last 2 years, and Barry seeking to win it for the first time. whoever comes ahead of the other at the last event wins the title- simples!. Third place is still to play for.

Club News and Events / CLUB ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 2018
« on: August 21, 2018, 09:14:56 PM »
 The 2018 annual general meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 October in the Cricket social club 7.0pm for 7.15 pm start.
If anyone has a proposal to put before the meeting please submit it in writing to the Club Secretary Ernie lazenby before 20th September.

Buy & Sell / Wanted a Robbe contessa or an IOM 1 metre yacht
« on: August 20, 2018, 03:49:28 PM »
Club member George, contact via PM, is looking for a Robbe Contessa yacht or an IOM 1 metre yacht.

Club News and Events / Wednesday 22nd August
« on: August 15, 2018, 09:59:18 PM »
 Due to bad weather on 15th August air boat racing and Footy racing has been re arranged to Wednesday 22nd August 1.0pm.
 Same day we will be having time trial for the scale racing boats.  Simple rule. Fast as you like around the course against the stop watch. As many tries as you wish. One boat on the water. Fastest time on the day wins the annual trophy. Tightest course driven usually beats fastest boat!

Items of Interest / Bluebird
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:13:57 AM »
with the real Bluebird back in the news my son could not resist engine testing the 1/6th scale jet powered model I made. Ian owns it and I get the job of fixing it! ::)


Club News and Events / Club house rowing boat use.
« on: August 03, 2018, 11:06:29 AM »
 Some members may wonder why getting the boat in and out seems to fall to a small number of volunteers. Currently we have a significant number of members with health problems that prevent them doing this. Not all people with problems make it publicly known at the club however the committee are made aware.

 Without volunteers to get the boat in and out we will be unable to maintain the water so on behalf of the committee a big thank you to those who do help with this job.

Not long now to our annual regatta day. Sunday 12th August

  The following programme times may be subject to change. The officer of the day, Ernie Lazenby will monitor how things are going and may change if needed.

9.0am - 10.0 am Setting up and testing

10.0am -  Tugs and harbour craft

10.30   -   Scale fast electric balloon race  -  small prize for the winner

10.45   -   Yacht race for restricted class Yachts (NO I.O.M yachts)  There is an excellent prize for the winner of this race kindly donated by   
                Geoff earl.

11.15   -    Warships

12.0 - 12.30 Lunch and free sailing and testing (Officer of the day will make sure fast boats don't mix with scale boats)

12.30  Steam and scale sail (barges,schooners,cabin yachts etc)

1.0pm   All type of yachts for a fun race.   small prize for the winner.

1.30pm   Fast boats- the ballistic missiles.

2.0pm     Wacky races - air boat race. small prize for the winner

2.15pm   Mixed classes but no fast racing craft

3.0pm parade on the water of all craft behind the slowest boat.

The club commodore will judge the best kit class and best scratch built boat on the water (no static models) Prizes to be presented at the clubs AGM
He will also judge any model entered into a new class - static models, not necessarily a boat, not made for RC.

Bring sandwiches or whatever you fancy.  Nibbles will be provided on the day.

 Directive from speedy gonzales  and father confessor otherwise known as Ernie Lazenby and Walter Snowden-  HAVE FUN-bring as many models as you can.

Club News and Events / Council safety report
« on: July 18, 2018, 06:37:38 PM »
The parish council have commissioned a safety/structural report from an engineer as to the safety of the reservoirs relative to the big new housing development on the south side of our water. Basically its to make sure the development work has no adverse effect on the reservoirs. We are not affected by this, business as usual.

It has been noticed that the fishing club has not been seen for some time on site. The parish clerk is seeking clarification from the clubs organiser, we are not affected and fishing is excluded from our water.

Club News and Events / Sunday 15th July
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:39:56 AM »
 A reminder- Sunday 15th July is steering competition day. This time its a port and starboard - timed against the clock.

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